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ODACC Adjudication

Early Neutral Evaluation

Forensic Claims Assessment

Professional Negligence Claims Consulting


If you want an decision by an arbitrator that has subject-matter expertise in design and construction, Genge Adjudications can save you the time and cost of complex expert reporting to train a trier of fact on the technical issues involved.


If you want an settlement facilitated by a mediator that has subject-matter expertise in design and construction, Genge Adjudications can save hours spent explaining the technical issues involved to a mediator.


Construction disputes in Ontario benefit from fast and affordable adjudication as set out in the Construction Act.   We have been qualified by ODACC to conduct adjudications since 2019.  We specialize in smaller claims.


If you are unsure about the merits of your claim or reply to a claim, Genge Construction Adjudication can review the evidence, reports, and pleadings and provide an unbiased opinion on the strengths and weaknesses.  This may give you reason to augment your evidence or pursue settlement more quickly.


If you want a technical assessment as well as a ruling for your construction claim on liability, valuation, and specific performance, we will conduct an assessment and prepare a decision based on a forensic assessment.  Parties share in the cost equally, unless the decision apportions costs.


If your errors and omissions insurer needs assistance with claim analysis or contributory party advice, we have handled numerous engineering and architectural E&O cases that have determined valuation and proportions suitable for the matter.

Keeping accounts

Access to a quick, affordable process to resolve claims is not new.  Our goal is to fix that...

"Access to justice is, and continues to be, the challenge for the civil justice system. There have been many positive initiatives in Ontario that have meaningfully reduced some of the costs and delays of dispute resolution. We should take great pride in all of these achievements. However, despite these successes, a great deal remains to be done if civil justice is to become truly accessible for the average Ontarian. Ontario’s justice system is well-served by dedicated and capable judges, lawyers and administrators. Together, we must learn from our recent successes and re-double our efforts to dismantle the barriers which still exist and block true ‘access to justice’."

The (then) Honourable Chief Justice Warren K. Winkler, 2008

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