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Gerald R. Genge, B.A.Sc., LL.M., P.Eng., Q.Med. C.Arb.

ODACC and CAT Adjudicator

Litigation Consultant

Chartered Arbitrator

Qualified Mediator

Professional Engineer

Jerry has 47 years experience as a Litigation Consultant, Contract Administrator, Construction Claims Adjudicator, and Professional Engineer specializing in building design, construction and repair.  He has adjudicated numerous small claims, and is known for no nonsense, cost-effective resolution.  

Need a claim resolved fast?  

Need a low cost construction claim arbitrator?

Need a subject matter expert to determine payment claims?

... Start with Genge Construction Adjudications


What about cost, time, and anxiety of a claim?

Should small claims require cumbersome productions?  We don't think so. 

Does a claim have to be slow, costly, and complicated?  We don't think so.

Worried that your adjudicator doesn't understand construction?  That's not who we are.

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