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Genge Construction Adjudication ​​was created to make construction dispute and payment dispute resolution easier and more affordable for everyone involved.  The conventional adversarial process is known to be overly expensive, slow, and exhausting emotionally.  Jerry Genge has arbitrated disputes for more than 30 years many with unrepresented parties.  With knowledge of construction contract law, building design, and construction methods, Jerry can filter evidence faster than the conventional process.

With an engineering and construction project management background, Jerry manages the delivery of evidence so that the facts are clear, cost implications are understood, and parties to construction and professional negligence claims, are treated fairly but efficiently.  

In the past 10 years alone, Jerry had been engaged by more than 75 law firms to provide neutral evaluations and expert reports.  98 percent of those cases reached settlement at mediation.  But even those were costly to navigate using the conventional litigation process.  If you are looking for a quick and cost-effective arbitration or adjudication of your construction dispute, you have landed in the right place.


Professional Experience

With more than 47 years' in forensic engineering and construction expertise, our decisions have the strength and maturity of that few adjudicators can rely on.    Jerry has also been an active participant is the writing of industry standards, direction of industry associations, and management of companies.  

Jerry has been an ODACC Adjudicator authorized under the Construction Act of Ontario since October 2019 and has handled claims from $10,000 to $700,000.

He has been a member of the Condominium Authority Tribunal since 2022 to write decisions on condominium disputes authorized under the Condominium Act.

He is on the President's List of ADR Ontario, with more than 30-year's membership.

He has been recognized as a "Fellow" of  the Ontario Building Envelope Council and has a 25-year technical committee membership award from the Canadian Standards Association.

He is being selected for independent arbitration of claims based on subject matter expertise supplemented by knowledge of legal processes.

Toronto Construction Association - Construction Adjudicator

Chartered Arbitrator and Qualified Mediator - ADR Institute of Canada

Osgoode Law - Advanced Certificate in Adjudication of Administrative Boards and Tribunals

Osgoode Law at York University - Advanced Adjudication for Administrative Boards and Tribunals

The Advocates Society - Arbitration and Adjudication Advocacy

Building Design Specialist (BDS) - Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario

Building Science Specialist - Building Science Board

Professional Engineer - Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario

Billing Rates

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Billing Rate


Per hour

Hourly rates apply to preliminary discussions, communication with the parties, and coordination measured in 15 minute minimum intervals.

Daily Rate (up to 7.5 hours)


Per Day

Daily rates exclude direct expenses and travel.

Time less than 3 hours is billed hourly.

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